Berlin, Germany


Old, modern, destructed, rebuilt, occupied… fantastic! That is Berlin, the beautiful capital of Germany… We spent some days during winter and we’ve enjoyed so much that we didn’t pay attention to the extremely low temperatures.

A city full of history, that proudly shows its modern scars to remind us that the anger of the people can destroy buildings but cannot burn the hope. With so many places to discover, the German capital hosts interesting museums, fantastic parks, big shopping galleries and a beautiful zoo that will delight the whole family.

We came from Paris by plane to Tegel airport; from there a bus took us directly to Kurfürtenstraße, very close to our hotel and city zoo… our main destination.

In this cosmopolitan city, many people speak English very well, so it was very easy for us to locate our points of interest, don’t worry so much about language barrier… in fact forget all the barriers, remember that this lost its walls in 1989.

If you love zoo, you need to go to this beautiful one that also includes an aquarium. Tickets can be booked online (Day ticket from 13€ to 20€). Reserve one day for this visit, you won’t regret it.

As we love museums, we included in our list the very famous Pergamon museum, located in the museum island that houses the monumental buildings of the Pergamon Altar, the Market Gates of Miletus and also the Ishtar Gate of Babylon; very close to there you have the Egyptian museum (Ägyptisches Museum) with the iconic bust of Nefertiti, the portrait of Tiy and a very large collection of beautiful objects, we spent the whole day to visit both.

Another interesting place we visit was the Wall museum (Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie), this 2000m2 exhibition dedicated to human freedom, presents a collection of objects and documentary material about the Berlin Wall. The museum is located in Friedrichstraße 44, in front of the famous Checkpoint Charlie; opens only from Monday to Friday. Looking outside trough the windows I could imagine how the east side of Berlin could be, while 2 brave guys dressed in US and Soviet uniforms tried to resist the -6°C posing for pictures. You can also get a Soviet passport stamp in the other side of the road.

In Berlin there is always a good place to get warm and enjoy a good beer. As our hotel was not so far from Europa Shopping Center, we found a tavern there with live music and very tasty appetisers, 2 or 3 beers later; we were ready to go to sleep.

The center is tiny and there are not so many shops, but if you go there during the day, don’t miss the 13 meters high liquid clock, the spheres are emptied at 1pm and 1am when the system finish a complete cycle.

This is our top 10 list for Berlin:

1.- Berlin Zoo

2.- Museum Island

3.- Brandenburg’s gate

4.- The Reichstag (German Parliament Building)

5.- Wall museum

6.- Suarezstraße in Charlottenburg

7.- Prussian Palaces and Gardens (Potsdam)

8.- KaDeWe shopping gallery

9.- Berlin radio tower

10.- Großer Tiergarten

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